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Download the best weight loss app of 2017 for free which has many amazing features like Calories Tracker, Workout Plans & Programs, Diet Apps, Healthy Recipes, Fitness Challenges & more. It is the only app which makes you earn & not pay as you get rewards for each healthy activity done in the app. Mevo is your true all round fitness coach that makes it easy & fun to get you fit.


Easy & fast access to features like Calories Tracker, Workouts Plans & Programs, Diet Plans & more in this best fitness & weight loss app available for Android & iPhone now.

  • Diets & Nutrition

    MevoFit promotes fast weight loss with Healthy Recipes, Diet Plans, Calories Budget Ideas, & Calories Counter which has more 500K food items database, with all nutritional values like calories, carbs, fats, proteins and more. Right nutrition guidance drive 80% of the weight loss results. Get personalized diet plans to reach your health & fitness goals.

  • Social Fitness Network

    MevoFit has a community of like minded individuals which provides a platform to discuss on various health topics, daily tips, fitness challenges and health trends. Also, this Mevofit app makes it fun to lose weight with features like Health & Fitness Quiz/Fitness Challenges.

  • GPS Steps Counter / Running Tracker

    Mevo has an inbuilt steps/running tracker which helps you keep a close eye on your activity levels. Along with this, the Mevofit - Running Tracker app also has an advanced GPS running tracker, which makes it easy to track different types of activities like walking, running & cycling.

  • Best Workouts Trainer

    Mevo application provides you 50+ workout plans & 500+ exercises for each body part so that you don't have any excuse to miss your workouts. Along with this, there are 20+ yoga videos in which the professional trainer shows the right way to do the most effective weight loss aasnas/yoga like sun salutation & more.

  • MevoFit Points

    The phrase friends with benefits is heard by everyone but Mevo has got a sweet twist to this phrase by being a pioneer to introduce "FITNESS WITH BENEFITS". Mevo is the only app, which makes you earn and not pay. Each activity you do in the app earns you Fit points.

  • MevoFit Shop

    What to do with the fit points you have earned? Don't worry you can use them to buy Fitness Band, Sports Sipper, Fitness Apparels & Waterproof Gym Bags from MevoFit Store. The more activities you do in the application, the more you earn and the more goodies you can buy using the earned points.

"Nyc this keeps me in shape. A big supporter of your 7 minute workout goals. I like it."

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MevoFit Fit Store

Mevo is a wholesome and integrated approach to live fit in every environment. This application will surely change the way you look at fitness as it's a one-stop solution that provides every possible thing you can think around weight loss including a Calories Tracker with more than 500K+ food items, Diet Plans, Fitness Challenges, Workout Programs & Plans, Weight Tracker, Healthy Recipes & more.
Considering this we have ventured into the segment of fitness products which includes MevoFit Drive - Fitness Band, Sports Sipper, Waterproof Gym Bags & Fashionable Fitness Apparels. Fit points that are being earned by tracking all your fitness activities in the application can be used to buy these cool & trendy fitness products.

The Fitness Activity Tracker – MevoFit Drive

Mevo's fitness activity tracker - MevoFit Drive was launched by none other than Lauren Gottlieb, the face of the application. The major highlights of the band include Bluetooth Connectivity, Activity & Sleep Tracker, Multi-Sport Modes, Reminders & Social Media Alerts. Along with this, the band is Splash Proof, Scratch Tolerant & Skin Friendly.

Gym Bags, Sports Sippers & Fitness Apparels

MevoFit Store also offers gym bags, sports sipper & fitness apparels. Simply log your daily activities in the Mevo app and earn credits. Use these credits to buy the products.

"A neat app that works deligently for me. Really it is quite better than most of the other apps that I have used for fat loss in the past."

Carol Miller Mevo App User

The All-in-One Health, Fitness & Weight Loss System

Mevo keeps you motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your fitness goals, lose weight & get healthier in the best possible way.

The application is based on proven principle of calories tracking, peer support for sustainable weight loss, & exercise benefits. Mevo seamlessly connects you to health-oriented people & provides you with the right information you need to achieve your weight loss goals faster.

"Amazing app. Be it yoga instructor or anything else, the app has it all for me. Thanks!"

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It's time to Mevotivate yourself!

Get Mevotivated. Get Fit. Get Mevo App Now!

Beautiful & Interactive Interface

The simplest way to achieve your health goals is with detailed nutrition and coaching. Check out the first look of the application showing all the main features like Food Diary, Community, Credits Wallet, Performance graphs, Healthy Recipes, Diet Plans, & More!

Media Coverage

Mevolife has been covered by the listed Media Coverage Sites & Publications. Check out what the major publishers across the globe have been saying about our application.

"Well done! Your weight loss coach is quite exceptional. Thanks."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most common responses for regular user queries.

What makes this application stand out in the crowd apart from others in this genre?

Mevo is the only application which offers a composite solution for your weight loss, fitness & body building efforts. Along with this, it is the only app which makes you earn and not pay in terms of fit points. These fit points can be redeemed for fashionable fitness merchandise available in the Mevo app in Fit shop section.

How to earn Fit Points in the app?

You can easily earn fit points in Mevo app if you are punctual about logging all your activities in the app which includes your daily calories, exercises, runs, water, green tea & more. Along with this, you also earn with each post you do in Mevo's community and for each of your friends who downloads the app on your recommendation.

Does the app have nutrition of all foods as found in the MyFitnessPal app?

In the Mevo app you can find nutritional facts of more than 500K+ foods which include both Indian & International items.

I am 10 kgs overweight. Will I be able to lose it with this app?

Yes, you will be able to lose 10 kgs weight easily with this app. Just keep a close watch on calories intake, follow the diet plan recommendations & include any form of exercises/workouts in your daily routine. Losing Weight 1 kg per week is a healthy target to achieve.

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